Colorado Global Warming Warning!

Fellow citizens, I feel the need to raise an urgent issue with you all. While congress sits and does nothing, global warming has come to Colorado. Where once majestic sheets of ice and snow covered streets, there is barren blacktop. The glaciers that towered over our parking lots are slowly calving, giant portions breaking away and shattering on the earth below. Gaia is crying out for our help!

While we sit warm and comfortable in our heated homes, driving recklessly over this precious, snowy landscape, the blight of solar warming takes its toll. If nothing is done to curb this activity, the snow could be gone by spring.

Don’t let this happen!

I know that you, being concerned citizens, wonder what you can do to help. Contact your congressional representatives and demand that something be done to save Colorado’s snowlands from further harm. And an operation like ResurrectionSong--devoted to social justice, environmental equality, and groupie redistribution to the groupieless--is expensive. Your donations will not only help keep Rsong running, but will also help to buy much needed ice makers in our efforts to keep the streets icy.

You can also earmark your donation for our Groupie Lend-Lease Program or our Free Tequila for the Needy Blogger Bash Tradition.

Thank you. With your help, we can make sure that Colorado doesn’t have a brighter tomorrow.