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What can be better that a fresh juicy hot celebrity scandal? The bigger and nastier it is the better. We all love to follow Hollywood breakups and hookups. Even people that try to stay away from gossip web sites still love to visit them time to time or gossip among friends.

Why Celebrities Are So Entertaining?

To tell you the truth celebrities want to be relevant, they want to be talked about. Celebrity scandals are a good way to keep the public interested. People create scandals to generate capital. Unfortunately this is exactly how the Hollywood works. And it has always been like that so you do not have to feel ashamed about liking the celebrity gossip.

If a famous person wants to stay off the radar and be famous only for the talent he or she will lay low not cooperating with the news agencies. The paparazzi usually show up and wait for the celebrity when there is a prior agreement in action.

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Kanye West finishes the year 2016 on the list of losers

The end of the year is time to sum up the results. Kanye West could have been considered rather successful but for his nervous break-down about a month before 2017.

Forbes magazine presented a top list of losers in musical sphere, putting Kanye West first on the roll. One Direction and the concert in the honor of Donald Trump’s inauguration made a company to the rapper, taking the second and the third places respectively.

So what became the reason for such a fail? During one of his concerts in Sacramento he lost his temper completely and began to insult Beyonce and Jay-Z and Hillary Clinton as well. He was urgently hospitalized (he even had to be handcuffed), and his upcoming shows were cancelled, which resulted in loss of about $10 million.

It is still unknown what was the impetus for such nervous break-down: some problems in the relationships with his wife Kim Kardashian or his hectic schedule. Whatever it was, this act deprived Kanye of a deserving completion of the year.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton: long way from friendship to enmity and back

Ten years ago it was hard to imagine Kim Kardashian basking in glory. That time slim shapes were in trend and hot curves stood behind. To be more precise, they went together, like it was presented by the couple of best friends Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

When their friendship started, Kim was Paris’ stylist and she was in the shadow of the latter. They spent most time together, doing shopping, partying and having good time. Despite all this, Kim was often a subject for jokes and mockery of Paris and her company. If the famous blond had known what viper she had cherished in her bosom, she would have been more careful.
The first solo of Kim Kardashian became her notorious sex tape which gave the dust to the one of her girlfriend’s 1Night in Paris as there was involved a famous rapper Ray J. It was so successful that Kim had no need in Hilton anymore. Since that moment their friendship came to an end and turned into enmity.

It continued for 10 years and 2016 put an end to it. Paris Hilton was invited to the Christmas party organized by Kim and her family. The reason for it is not clear, but supposedly it is because of the robbery, that had taken place during Paris Fashion Week, after which Kim reconsidered her life.

About TV Celebrities

Everyone has a famous celebrity, even people that are very far from the show business world. Ask anyone about their famous actor/actress and they will give you an immediate answer. So tell us who is your celebrity crush? We promise not to tell anyone.

What Makes A TV Celebrity?

So what is so exciting about being a TV personality? Millions of people dream about the fame and fortune but very few can actually make it. That is what is making your favorite actors so appealing. We all have favorite celebrities we want to see more of and read about.

The A-List

So who is your number one? Maybe you love Oprah Winfrey? Or you love the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon? Perhaps Ryan Seacrest is your top pick? Or you love the hot celebrity gossip from Wendy Williams? No matter who your top pick is, we have all the latest news on your idol. Come back to us every day to keep updated on all the hot gossip.

Who Is The Top Grossing TV Presenter?

Oprah Winfrey together with her OWN Network is now worth 2.9 billion dollars. This proves how powerful the TV influence is; every time you turn on to a certain TV show somebody gets richer by the minute. Show business is a huge industry and there is nothing wrong with loving some gossip.

Why do we love celebrities gossip?

You might of course be a serious mature person but still ever so once in a while you love to read on a juicy celebrity story. Even the best of us do it, the top favorite guilty pleasure of all times.

Why Do We Love Celebrities Gossip?

About 60% of casual conversations between adults are about the third person that is not present. It is a great way to strengthen the social ties, sharing news and opinions and seeking the approval. Hollywood celebrities are an easy target. And let us all be honest, they need the gossip to stay relevant.

Where to Get the Juiciest News

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Top 3 Scandalous Female Hollywood Celebrities 2016

2016 has proved to be a very interesting year not only because it was filled with fabulous celeb weddings but also because it was filled with lots of scandals and controversies that rocked the entertainment industry. Here is our Top 3 list of the most scandalous female Hollywood celebrities who were caught in some idiotic incidents this year!

1. Lindsay Lohan

We still remember Lindsay Lohan’s fight with Hilary Duff, her problems with drugs, and a departmental store incident in 2014. However, this year, Lindsay was embroiled in yet another scandal. Yes, that’s all about her sensational beach fight with ‘fiancé’ Egor Tarabasov!

2. Taylor Swift

Hollywood good girl is already not so good. This year was truly scandalous for Taylor Swift. After her messy breakup with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, a popular American singer managed to reignite feud with other Hollywood celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

3. Gigi Hadid

America’s Sweetheart of the modeling world, Gigi Hadid was also caught in a scandalous incident this year. Well, her speech at the American Music Awards was truly memorable. Melania Trump won’t forget it for a long time!

These were the most scandalous female Hollywood celebrities of 2016. Let’s see what the next year has in store for us!