Celebrity Scandals – Keep Up With the Latest Gossips

What can be better that a fresh juicy hot celebrity scandal? The bigger and nastier it is the better. We all love to follow Hollywood breakups and hookups. Even people that try to stay away from gossip web sites still love to visit them time to time or gossip among friends.

Why Celebrities Are So Entertaining?

To tell you the truth celebrities want to be relevant, they want to be talked about. Celebrity scandals are a good way to keep the public interested. People create scandals to generate capital. Unfortunately this is exactly how the Hollywood works. And it has always been like that so you do not have to feel ashamed about liking the celebrity gossip.

If a famous person wants to stay off the radar and be famous only for the talent he or she will lay low not cooperating with the news agencies. The paparazzi usually show up and wait for the celebrity when there is a prior agreement in action.

How to Keep Up With the News?

Our journalists collect all the hottest gossips and scandals for you. All you need is to visit the web site once a few days and you will have plenty of juicy topics to discuss with your friends. We have a hot line for people willing to give us a tip. But we never publish anything unconfirmed.

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