Kanye West finishes the year 2016 on the list of losers

The end of the year is time to sum up the results. Kanye West could have been considered rather successful but for his nervous break-down about a month before 2017.

Forbes magazine presented a top list of losers in musical sphere, putting Kanye West first on the roll. One Direction and the concert in the honor of Donald Trump’s inauguration made a company to the rapper, taking the second and the third places respectively.

So what became the reason for such a fail? During one of his concerts in Sacramento he lost his temper completely and began to insult Beyonce and Jay-Z and Hillary Clinton as well. He was urgently hospitalized (he even had to be handcuffed), and his upcoming shows were cancelled, which resulted in loss of about $10 million.

It is still unknown what was the impetus for such nervous break-down: some problems in the relationships with his wife Kim Kardashian or his hectic schedule. Whatever it was, this act deprived Kanye of a deserving completion of the year.

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