Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton: long way from friendship to enmity and back

Ten years ago it was hard to imagine Kim Kardashian basking in glory. That time slim shapes were in trend and hot curves stood behind. To be more precise, they went together, like it was presented by the couple of best friends Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

When their friendship started, Kim was Paris’ stylist and she was in the shadow of the latter. They spent most time together, doing shopping, partying and having good time. Despite all this, Kim was often a subject for jokes and mockery of Paris and her company. If the famous blond had known what viper she had cherished in her bosom, she would have been more careful.
The first solo of Kim Kardashian became her notorious sex tape which gave the dust to the one of her girlfriend’s 1Night in Paris as there was involved a famous rapper Ray J. It was so successful that Kim had no need in Hilton anymore. Since that moment their friendship came to an end and turned into enmity.

It continued for 10 years and 2016 put an end to it. Paris Hilton was invited to the Christmas party organized by Kim and her family. The reason for it is not clear, but supposedly it is because of the robbery, that had taken place during Paris Fashion Week, after which Kim reconsidered her life.

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