About TV Celebrities

Everyone has a famous celebrity, even people that are very far from the show business world. Ask anyone about their famous actor/actress and they will give you an immediate answer. So tell us who is your celebrity crush? We promise not to tell anyone.

What Makes A TV Celebrity?

So what is so exciting about being a TV personality? Millions of people dream about the fame and fortune but very few can actually make it. That is what is making your favorite actors so appealing. We all have favorite celebrities we want to see more of and read about.

The A-List

So who is your number one? Maybe you love Oprah Winfrey? Or you love the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon? Perhaps Ryan Seacrest is your top pick? Or you love the hot celebrity gossip from Wendy Williams? No matter who your top pick is, we have all the latest news on your idol. Come back to us every day to keep updated on all the hot gossip.

Who Is The Top Grossing TV Presenter?

Oprah Winfrey together with her OWN Network is now worth 2.9 billion dollars. This proves how powerful the TV influence is; every time you turn on to a certain TV show somebody gets richer by the minute. Show business is a huge industry and there is nothing wrong with loving some gossip.